A Guide to Multi Van Insurance

Multi Van Insurance

If your business has more than one van or a fleet, insuring them individually will be expensive. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid the pain of juggling different bills and paperwork. Choosing multi van insurance or a multi-vehicle policy is the best option to take for your business.

If you’re a sole trader with more than one van or a commercial business owner with a fleet of vans. The best way to protect your assets and streamline the process is through multi van insurance. Most providers will offer incentives and discounts if you insure more than one vehicle with them. Additionally, these policies can be designed to cover more than one driver, allowing your employees to drive the vans at any time. 

What is Multi Van Insurance 

Similar to other multi-vehicle policies, multi van insurance is designed to protect your vehicles under one policy. As a business owner, having a streamlined process for insuring your vehicles can save you time and money. As a result, giving you more time to invest in your business. 

Most multi van policies are used by enterprises with a fleet of hundreds or by sole traders with two or more vans to insure. 

You can tailor your insurance based on your business needs. This gives you an immense amount of flexibility and control. 

How does it work?

Similar to a multi-car insurance policy, there’s a lot of flexibility here. Individuals can choose the level of cover they want on each vehicle. Additionally, you can choose the level of excess you want too.

It’s important to note that each van is arranged by an ‘any driver’ basis. As a result, you’ll have to supply the insurance provider with the details of all the drivers who will be behind the wheel. 

To keep your premium down, we recommend you map out all the safest drivers in your team. By doing so, you reduce the likelihood of an incident on the road and you lower your premium because insurance providers will be well informed on the level of risk each driver poses. 

How will the drivers affect the premium? 

Similar to all policies, the experience and convictions of a driver will play a huge role in your premium. 

Having inexperienced or young drivers within your policy will drive the price of your premium up. Additionally, if you have drivers with a chequered past, including driving convictions or any other convictions, this will increase your premium too. 

Typically within van insurance policies, there’s a limit to who can drive. Some insurers won’t cover people below the age of 25 or people older than 70. So make sure you look around the market to ensure your needs are met. 

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Quick tips on saving money on your premium

There are ways around the system that will save you money. 

  • Limit your mileage.

    • Limiting your mileage is a great way to lower your premium. However, make sure you estimate the correct mileage for each vehicle to your provider. Failure to do so will result in your policy being invalidated. 
  • Pay annually.

    • Paying annually for 2 vans or a large fleet will be pricey. But if you do, you will save money on your premium. 
  • Add telematics.

    • Adding extra security measures to your vehicles will lower your premium too. Some telematics devices can track the location of vehicles. So in the event of a theft, you can easily locate your vehicles.
How can we help?

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