Car insurance may be one of the most tedious purchases but it doesn’t need to leave your pockets empty. If you follow our tips, you’ll be able to slash the price of your premiums and get cheaper car insurance. 

Car insurance is something that most drivers dread paying for but it’s unavoidable. In the UK, drivers are legally required to have at least third party only (TPO) cover on their vehicle. 

How much your premium will depend on a range of factors – age, driving experience, driving or non-driving convictions, the type of vehicle you have, where you live, and your marital status. 

Insurance is a huge financial commitment, but there are ways you can play the system to get cheaper insurance quotes. 

  • Lower your risk
  • Shop around
  • Check the policy
  • Ask your current employer for a discount
  • Renew your policy earlier
  • Lower your risk

Cheap car insurance isn’t necessarily always the best option. But there are ways you can get the cover you want at a lower price.

Add telematics 

  • Adding telematics to your car either by a black box or through a mobile application lowers your car’s risk of theft and the mobile applications give the insurer and yourself valuable insights into your driving behavior. The better you drive, the lower your premiums will be when you renew your car insurance. 
  • Additionally, a bonus to installing a black box into your car is it acts as a GPS. As a result, if your car got stolen, it wouldn’t be too hard to find it. 

Choose a smaller car

  • Insurers split cars into groups of 50 depending on the make and model. The lower your car is in the group, the cheaper your premium will be. 
  • Additionally, insurance providers prefer popular models that are not as expensive and easy to source repairs. 

Be accurate with your mileage 

  • This may sound like an obvious tip, but 1 in 4 drivers in the UK guess their annual mileage. We suggest you don’t guess your annual mileage because you run the risk of your policy being invalidated if you make a claim. 
  • To accurately assess your mileage, we suggest you look at how many miles you clocked on your car last year and consider if your lifestyle will change this year. 

Drive safely

  • Insurers base the premiums on how much of a risk you may or may not be. To lower your risk and premium, we suggest you take the following steps:
  • Additional driving qualifications: Taking extra driving courses like PassPlus gives the insurer more confidence in your driving capabilities. However, it may not always lower your premium. Nonetheless, these extra driving courses are particularly useful for young drivers between 17-24 or older first-time drivers. 
  • Consider adding a black box. As mentioned above, they give insurance providers more insight into how much of a risk you are. 

Shop around 

Perhaps one of the most important tips. We urge you to shop around when you’re looking for insurance. The more time and effort you put into finding the right deal for your car insurance, the more satisfied you’ll be when you get your quotes. 

If you have the time, we suggest you look at least 2 comparison sites for car insurance quotes and search for brokers who aren’t featured on their panels. This way you’ll be able to weigh your options better. 

Don’t have much time to do this? Call our team today and we can help you with this. Our industry-leading technology quote engine isn’t limited by the standards of a normal software house. As a result, we can show prices you’d be offered by the biggest and smallest insurance providers in the UK.

Check the policy

This is where choosing the cheapest insurance won’t always mean it’ll be right for you. We suggest you check your policy documents carefully. Read the key facts. Otherwise, you won’t know if the policy you chose protects you for situations you need. 

We also suggest you check the terms and conditions of your current policy. This way, you can see if the terms have changed when you’re approaching your renewal or how much notice you need to give them if you decide to switch. 

Ask your current insurer for a discount  

If you’ve followed the steps we’ve highlighted so far, your premium should be lower. If that’s the case, we suggest you ask your insurer for a discount on your premium. Make sure you point out how you’ve received lower quotes from other insurance providers. This way, they’ll either beat it or you can switch. 

Renew your policy earlier 

Don’t leave renewing your car insurance to the last minute! If you’re prepared and renew your car insurance early, you could save up to 28%. 

Get Cheaper Car Insurance with us!

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