Third-party fire and theft explained

Understanding each car insurance policy properly will lead to you getting better deals on your premiums. We suggest that you read around which policy you think is best for you and not base your decision on price alone. In this blog, we give a detailed look into third party, fire and theft.

Third party, fire and theft (TPFT) is similar to third party only (TPO) but with a caveat. 

As a policyholder of third party, fire and theft you need to be mindful that it is very similar to third party only. For instance, if you were involved in an accident with your car insured with a TPFT policy, you are still liable to pay for damages on your vehicle and any medical bills if you’re injured. Additionally, your insurance provider would cover any damages on a third parties’ vehicle and cover and medical cost if they suffer injuries. 

Third party, fire and theft’s added bonus includes cover to your vehicle if it gets stolen or damaged by fire. Additionally, Cover from fire damage applies to accidental fire and arson on your vehicle. 

Third party fire and theft won’t always be cheap. Like with everything in car insurance, it depends on your circumstances. 

How your driving behavior and details affect your policy

When it comes to insurance, financial and social position matters. Something as minor as changing a job or moving to a new area could affect your premium. You need to be transparent with your insurance provider. 

If you’re priced out from TPO and TPFT, here are some of the things that may cause this. 

  • You have no driving experience. To fix this, we suggest you build your NCB up by not making any claims each year. 
  • You have a chequered past when driving. This can be anything from making multiple claims to having driving convictions. To improve how insurers view your driving capabilities, add extra security like trackers or mobile applications that give insight into your driving. 
  • You may live in a location that has a high level of criminal activity such as theft and arson. 

How to minimise the risk insurers will have on you

Car insurance prices fluctuate because of how much of a perceived risk you are to insurers. But let’s clear something up first. Everyone on the road has an amount of risk attached to them no matter how skilled or careful they are as a driver. As humans, mistakes are bound to happen and that’s why we’re here to supply you with motor insurance! 

Here are some of the things insurers will assess the risk you pose: 

  • Occupation. 
  • Where you live. 
  • Driving experience. 
  • Light credit check (to assess whether you’ll be able to keep up with monthly payments).

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Experts in Insurance

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