Multi car insurance; could it be right for me?

If you have recently bought a second car, or have only recently become aware of the possibility of multi vehicle insurance, you’ve certainly come to the right place!
At Quote Detective, we offer a unique policy for up to 20 cars and an unlimited number of drivers. What’s more, we are currently the only broker in the UK to be offering a buy online solution for a multi car insurance policy including classical cars!
It’s time to find out more about insuring multiple cars under one policy…

What is multi car insurance?

Let’s start off nice and easy. Multi car insurance allows you to cover one or more vehicle under the same insurance policy, with the same provider. This means no more frantic paperwork the day before renewal for several different cars because they’re all covered with one insurer with the same renewal date!
With this type of policy, you receive the same treatment as if you were insuring just one car, with the added bonus of a multi-car discount! This varies depending on the number of drivers and the vehicle.

Why should I take out a multi vehicle policy?

This type of insurance can save you both time and money when it comes to renewal.
You only have to remember one renewal date with on insurance provider, as well as receiving a multi vehicle discount!
What’s more, the whole family can join in the fun with an unlimited number of drivers and a maximum of 20 vehicles under one policy!

Is this the same process as a normal insurance policy?

Yep, the process is pretty much the same, except you should be ready to give details about all of the cars you’re looking to insure, as well as any additional drivers you are looking to put onto the policy.

Will a multi-car policy save me money?

Absolutely, this is the best part about multi-vehicle insurance!
Not only will you get the best price from across our panel of multi car insurance providers for each vehicle, but the cherry on top is that you will also get a multi car insurance discount! This means that for each vehicle you add to the policy, a discount is applied to reduce the price! This will allow you to make a saving for each car you own.

Is there any vehicle you won’t insure under this policy?

We specialise in what you could call ‘weird and wonderful’ vehicles. That could be a horsebox, a classic car, a classic bike, a campervan/motorhome or even a kit car!
We do require you to own at least one of these type of vehicles in your fleet in order for you to be eligible for this policy, along with any other cars or vans you might have!

I want comprehensive cover for my classic car, is that possible?

Absolutely! We offer all levels of cover for each of your vehicles which is the same as if you were only insuring one of your cars. You can also change the cover you want for each car depending on your preferences!  Check out our last post on levels of cover.

What information will I need to provide?

If you’re asking yourself this question, remember the checklist:
Personal details- this will be your address, date of birth and name
Information about your vehicle- size of engine, your registration number and where the vehicles are kept overnight
Claims record- you will need to disclose if you have made any claims or have any convictions from the last 5 years

I have a van and motorbike- can these be covered too?

Certainly for vans, yes, we are able to cover these. We can also offer insurance for bikes as long as they do not exceed 1000cc.

Do you offer any optional extras?

We can provide you with all the optional extras you would expect from a single-car policy. These include key cover should you misplace them, breakdown cover, legal cover, excess protection and NCB protection.

Is multi car insurance right for me?

So we come to the million dollar question. To help you decide, here is a list of criteria:
-You own a classic car or something you might classify as ‘weird and wonderful’ (see list above)
-You want the convenience of having all your vehicles under one policy with one renewal date
-You want to cover your whole household with one insurer

We can insure most things with a Quote Detective multi vehicle policy so if you have any questions, give us a ring on 0333 222 4005 to speak to one of our specialist agents to get a quote for multi car insurance. For more information on multi vehicle insurance, check out this Compare the Market post.