Car immobilisers

Car alarms and immobilisers are terms that you may have heard being thrown around when looking to buy a car. The truth is that they are incredibly handy little tools that may work to reduce your insurance premiums.  Good, right?!  Keep reading to find out how they affect your car security.

Having an immobiliser on your car has been a requirement since 1998, so unless you have a classic, you should be okay!  But if you don’t know, immobilisers prevent someone from starting the car without the right key which ultimately reduces the risk of theft.  So, you can see why having one of these nifty devices will help to reduce insurance costs.

Insurers deem cars equipped with these to be less of a risk for them and will consequently offer a lower premium.  This is the same for alarms or other security measures you may take to protect your car from theft and vandalism.

Though there are still other factors that will be taken into consideration.  All insurers will ask you about additional security measures.  For example, if your vehicle is kept off the road, this is a big tick in their box.  A locked garage is even better.

It is worth noting that although an alarm and immobiliser will be useful, there is no guarantee of a cheap quote.  Your premium is judged off other things too.  The car itself and your personal driving record will also factor into it.


Thatcham is a company that ranks the security of your car by assessing its additional features.  So, an approved device is preferred by insurers.  There are seven levels to be ranked on, with 1 being the highest, and 7 the lowest.  The higher rating will likely reduce insurance prices.  So, it’s definitely worth looking into as knowing what category your alarms fit into will help when you come to look into insurance quotes.  This also means that your car is safe.  The chance of it being stolen is significantly reduced.

Your car may have a factory fitted immobiliser, which is a good bet in insurance language.  The insurers will have the peace of mind that the measurements were put in correctly.  Hopefully, this will consequently lower insurance costs.  A quick tip if you are unsure if your car has an immobiliser: check the handbook as this should have it all detailed.  Quick and easy!  If it doesn’t say but is second-hand, it may be worth getting an expert to have a quick look.  They should be able to tell you in a jiffy!

Adding security to your car will help to keep it safe and may even help to reduce your insurance premium.  It’s best to check the Thatcham category before deciding which to purchase as it may affect how insurers view your risk.  To discuss more, speak to one of our experts today on 0333 222 4005.  Check out this Confused article to find out more, or find the answer to more insurance FAQs here!