Optional extras

Once you have been through your details with an insurer or broker, agreed on a quote and are in a position to buy, you will be offered some optional extras.  These are added to your policy and provide you with extra cover if you are involved in an accident or other compromising circumstances.

These will come at a small cost that will be added on to your existing premium.  Examples of additional services are key cover, breakdown cover, NCB protection or legal cover.  There are more that will be discussed over the duration of this article.

NCB Protection

One of the most common types of extra you may be offered is NCB protection.  This one is quite self-explanatory, as it offers exactly what it says on the tin.  By protecting your no claims bonus, you give yourself a little wiggle room as it were in the event of an accident.   Since a high NCB can certainly affect the price of your insurance, keeping it intact regardless of a claim can be beneficial.  This allows you to make a certain number of claims without running the risk of losing your NCB.

Without protecting your NCB, it is at risk of being reduced or even lost in the event of a claim.  This will impact your premium for the next year.  Although the claim will still show up on your record, the NCB will work in your favour with insurers.

Each NCB protection policy works differently so it is important that you discuss the details of the specific policy with your insurer.

Car Key insurance

Again, this extra is rather self-explanatory.  If you were to lose your keys, your insurer will provide you with a back-up car until a replacement can be made.  This claim may also not affect your NCB with key insurance.

It is worth reading the policy wording before paying for car key insurance.  It is covered as standard by some insurers, while others will offer it at a small fee.  According to Money Super Market, annually 16% of people can expect to lose their keys, making this policy a god send!

Legal Protection

Adding on legal protection to your car insurance policy will cover legal expenses up to an agreed point.  This could be in the form of a personal injury claim, loss of earnings or even damage done to your vehicle.

If you or the other driver decide to sue following a crash, legal cover will mean that your insurer will cover the costs.  Even if your medical bills are becoming sky-high following an accident, legal protection will cover these expenses.

Similarly to Car key insurance, this cover comes as standard with some insurers. This is why you may consider checking policy wording before proceeding.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover can be a worthwhile optional extra offered by insurance companies.  In this case of a flat battery, the last thing you want is to be stranded with no one to call.  If you fill your petrol car with diesel, breakdown cover may just come in handy.

All policies will include different perks. You could normally expect home start cover, meaning someone will come to your home to give you a hand with starting your car.  Some policies also offer European recovery as part of their breakdown cover.  This means that you are covered when driving in Europe (though this may be subject to change post-Brexit)

The big ones are roadside assistance and national recovery.  These mean that no matter where or when you breakdown, you can get help through this car insurance add-on.

Excess Protection

Finally, excess protection means that you will be reimbursed your total excess amount if there is no third party at fault.  This could as a result of a fire or even theft to your vehicle.

Normally, you should expect a limit of around the £500 mark for excess protection policies.  This, again, varies from insurer to insurer and may even be included in some insurance policies.


As seen above, there are many optional extras you can add to your insurance policy.  Depending on insurers, these may or may not come at an extra cost to you.  Some of these may be helpful during the course of your policy. Therefore, they could be worth considering at the time of purchase.   If you need any more help, contact one of our insurance specialists at 0333 222 4005 or visit our website.