Why will no one insure me?

It can be frustrating when an insurer refuses to provide you with the car insurance you need to drive on British roads.  The good news is, if you can identify why they don’t want to insure you, then it will be easier next time round to rectify your mistakes and hopefully get insured.

So, what is it about your risk is it that insurers are running a mile from?

Claims history

If you have a long and personal history with past claims, it is likely that insurers will be reluctant to offer you insurance.  The fact that you have this record will indicate that you are likely to make a claim on your insurance during the period you are under cover.  Accordingly, your premium will rise to compensate for this.

Furthermore, if you have had many fault accidents for which you have claimed, the insurer will start to wonder why this is.  The premium will consequently go up because they decide that the likelihood of you claiming again is quite high.

Where you keep your car

It may sound strange, but where you keep your vehicle is actually an important factor when organising insurance.

Parking on the street leaves your car at a significantly higher risk of theft and vandalism than in a garage.

When assessing your risk, insurers will see that your car is quite vulnerable where it is parked.  This will consequently increase your premium.

If your car is always kept in a locked garage, there shouldn’t be an issue with this.

The type of car you have

This factor may be a reason why you are struggling to get insurance.  This, paired with your age and driving experience can be a killer when it comes to insurance prices.

Insurers will look at the type of car you have and will realise that the more expensive the car, the more expensive parts will be to replace in the event of damage.  As such, the premium will rise, or you may be denied insurance altogether.

What’s more, if you are young or have recently passed your test, you are unlikely to get insurance from the majority of providers.  A lack of experience on an expensive car can be a bad combination.

An imported vehicle or kit cars are also less likely to be accepted by insurers due to their specialist nature.

If you have had insurance cancelled in the past

If you have previously had insurance cancelled, insurers may refuse to offer you cover.  This is because it may indicate that you are unreliable or have not told the truth in previous cases.

Insurance may be cancelled as a result of undisclosed information at the time of organising a quote.  If you then make a claim and it comes to light that you have not been truthful, your claim may also be refused, and insurance cancelled.

So, you can see why insurance companies may be hesitant to insure you.

Previous convictions

It can be difficult to find insurance with any motor or non-motor related convictions.  A speeding fine should not make too much of a difference when it comes to insurance, though something more serious such as a drink driving charge may make it difficult to find insurance.

This can also be the same story with non-motoring convictions.  The reason you may be finding it hard to get car insurance with one of these charges is that convicted drivers are statistically more likely to claim on their car insurance than people without.

It can be tough when you can’t find car insurance.  Quote Detective specialise in non-standard motor insurance so give us a call on 0333 222 4005 or visit our website for more information!

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