Insuring cars from abroad

If you have just moved to the UK from abroad, you probably have many questions about how car insurance works in this country and if you and your car can be insured on the British roads.

Insuring imported cars

As much as this is certainly possible, it is more difficult than usual car insurance policies.  There are different questions to be asked when arranging the insurance due to the discrepancies between the two vehicles.  Therefore, it is important you have all relevant details to hand when you try to organise an insurance quote.  You may even need to look for specialist insurers as not all companies will take on an imported car.

It can also be more expensive to get spare parts for imported vehicles, hence the price of your insurance will likely rise accordingly.

Due to UK rules, your car will be covered by either Third Party, Third Party, fire and theft, or Comprehensive insurance.

You must also start paying road tax if you decide to stay in the UK

Insuring foreign licences

Insurers in the UK are able to offer cover for licences gained in a different country.  Drivers from the EU and the EEA, as well as other countries with exchangeable licences can drive in the UK for 12 months before they must change to a British licence.  Countries outside of these lists must apply for a provisional licence in the UK before taking a test for a full licence.

However, you should be prepared to see your insurance rise.  Many countries have different driving rules to the UK, including driving on the other side of the road and are therefore viewed as a higher risk than British drivers on the whole.

You can apply for a full UK licence once you have been in the country for at least 6 months.

Can I drive a courtesy car on a foreign licence?

Although some will, many companies will not allow an individual holding a foreign licence to drive a courtesy car.  This is because it may be outside of their insurance arrangement.

Will my NCB from abroad be accepted?

Yes, many insurers will accept NCB earned abroad, so long as the letter has been translated into English.

Different insurers will have different policies on this.  Get in touch with our experts to find out more about our policy for accepting an NCB gained abroad.