What questions should I expect to be asked when arranging my car insurance?

If you have ever organised car insurance in the past, you will know that there are a few common car insurance questions you will be asked by your insurance company.  These questions are asked in order for your insurer to gain a solid understanding of your individual situation.  It is also good to be aware of the sort of question you may be asked if this is your first time!  If you want to learn some more, read on!

Personal questions

When speaking to your insurer or completing a quote online, you will be asked a few personal details.  These will be things such as your age, name, and address.  Your age will factor into the price of your premium as it is a good indicator of experience.  Though perhaps more weight will be placed on your NCB as this is a better sign of the time you have spent claim-free behind the wheel.

Your address and more specifically where your car is kept during the day and night are also important factors when it comes to insurance prices.

Car details

Understandably your insurer will need to know a bit about the car they are insuring.  This will include the number plate, make model, engine size etc.

Generally, the more powerful the car, the more expensive the insurance.  This is because in the event of a crash, a car travelling faster can do more damage.  It is also possible that the pieces would be more expensive and more difficult to find a replacement.

Your car may also be a higher theft risk due to the cost and market value of it.


As we have discussed in previous posts, it is important for you to disclose all additional modifications you choose to make to your car.

Your insurer will have to take each one into account when deciding your premium.  If you do not tell them and make a claim, they may refuse to pay out.

Modifications can be as simple as changing the colour or finish of your car, and this must also be declared.

Claims and driving history

If you have a driving or non-driving related claims, you must be sure to tell your insurer when they ask you.

Although some penalties will go off your record after 5 years, others will stay with you for life.  This is why it is important you leave no stone unturned when discussing this.

If you do not disclose all points and penalties you have received, your insurance will likely be cancelled.

You will also be asked about your No Claims Bonus.  This is something you can build up overtime and will actually work to reduce your premium.  This shows how long you have been driving for without a claim against your insurance.

An online or over-the-phone quote should take no more than 15-20 minutes due to the number of questions insurers have to ask in order to provide you with a quote.  If you have any other questions, speak to one of our experts today or visit our website.