Things to know: courier insurance

With millions of people stuck in their homes this past year, it comes as no surprise that online sales have boomed.  With this, the demand for drivers to deliver these parcels has increased proportionately.  In this line of work, many drivers are self-employed and take their own van when doing the rounds so it is more important than ever to be aware and informed when it comes to insurance.

What is courier insurance, and why is it different to normal van insurance?

Courier insurance allows the driver to carry other people’s parcels and deliveries in return for a payment of some kind.  This type of policy will cover couriers and other delivery drivers, but not traditional van drivers.  This is because it is a tailored policy, specially designed for you, if you are carrying goods belonging to other people.  Taking this into account, as well as the number of hours spent on the roads, time pressure and the high mileage, it is easy to see why a special level of cover is required.

Does it extend to cover the goods I am carrying?

When organising your insurance, you may come across something called ‘goods in transit’ cover.  You can adjust this until it suits your needs.

Can I get courier van insurance?

If you are wondering ‘Am I applicable for this sort of insurance?’, there are a few questions you can ask yourself.

Firstly, do I hold a full UK driver’s licence.  If the answer to this is yes, continue.  If not, then you could consider getting one.

Secondly, are you a UK resident?  You will need to be a resident in the UK in order to apply for courier van insurance.

Many insurers will not agree to offer you a premium if you’ve had insurance cancelled or declined in the past.  However, Quote Detective specialise in non-standard insurance and can normally offer you a price, regardless of your situation!

What’s the difference between courier and haulage insurance?

The distinguishing factor between these two is the types of deliveries you are making and the goods you are carrying.  A courier service is likely to drive to more places, with smaller deliveries.  On the other hand, haulage insurance would cover more heavy lifting, such as machinery to a limited number of places each day.

Can I get courier insurance for my car?

Yes, you can.  If this is the vehicle you are using to make deliveries, this will need to be covered under a courier insurance policy.

What levels of cover are there?

As ever, there are three levels of cover available when arranging insurance.  These are:  third party, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive cover.  These vary in the level of cover they provide.  For example, comprehensive provides the most cover in the event of an accident, whereas third party offers the least and prices vary to reflect this.

Courier van insurance provides the driver with a specialist policy.  This is necessary when delivering other people’s goods on a daily basis.  It is always important to check what type of insurance you need before arranging it to avoid mistakes.  To find out more, speak to one of our van specialists on 0333 222 4005, or visit our website.