What are the benefits of having an additional driver?

An additional driver on your car insurance policy will be able to legally drive the car you are looking to put on cover.  This is in addition to you, or the owner/ keeper of the vehicle.  There are common misconceptions about adding people to your policy in order to reduce your premium, though we will discuss this later in the blog!

What level of cover does an additional driver have?

This will depend on the level of cover you have agreed upon with your insurer.  Generally, they will have the same cover as you when they are driving your car.  For example, if you have paid for comprehensive cover, this is what the additional drivers will have when they are driving your vehicle.

What if the named driver has an accident?

If the named driver (additional driver) has an accident in your vehicle, you will have to claim against your insurance which will likely affect your No Claims Discount.  This can then influence the price of your insurance at renewal.  This may vary if you have a protected NCD, though may be worth checking with your insurer.

What’s more, the additional driver will not be able to earn their own No Claims Bonus driving on your car.  This means that they will not be able to carry over this experience to their own vehicle.

Is it cheaper to add more named drivers?

Adding older, experienced drivers can help to lower your premium.  It gives the insurers the confidence that you are less likely to make a claim, since someone with lots of hours behind the wheel is less likely to be involved in an accident.

This is common when first time drivers add their parents in case they ever need to drive it!

If you add someone with less driving experience, however, this may increase the price of your insurance.

What is fronting?

Adding a more experienced driver to the policy as the main driver is an illegal practice called fronting.  Your insurance will also become invalid if you are caught.

The aim of this is to drive down prices by saying that an older driver is in fact the main driver as insurance prices tend to decrease with age and experience.

However, the costs of getting it wrong far outweigh the money saved by doing it.

What information will the insurer need about the additional driver?

Your insurer will ask you a mini set of questions about the additional driver going onto your policy.  This will include things such as name, date of birth and conviction and claim history.  This is so the insurers can factor these things in when they are deciding on your premium.

The additional drivers will need to tell their insurers that they have become a named driver on a different vehicle.

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