Comprehensive cover

In car insurance, there are three levels of cover you can choose from.  These range in price and what they will protect you against, but include comprehensive, third party only and third party, fire, and theft.  However, comprehensive cover is generally the most popular of the three as if offer the greatest cover if you are involved in an accident.  It is worth bearing in mind that just because it has the greatest benefits, does not mean that it is always the most expensive option, it depends.

What does comprehensive car insurance include?

Comprehensive cover includes all damages in an accident.  This even includes a fault-claim accident and is the only insurance policy that will protect you from this.  Any damages done to a third-party, including their vehicle or self will also be covered.  You also have the benefits as if you were having third party, fire and theft cover, as your vehicle will be covered in the event of fire or theft.  Finally, any accidental damage done to your vehicle will come under comprehensive cover.  This could be something falling on your car during strong winds.

How expensive will comprehensive cover be?

This is impossible to say as it will vary between individuals, as well as insurers.  Contributing factors include age, driving history, no claims bonus, where the vehicle is kept and any previous bans or convictions you may have.  It will also depend on which insurer you are insured with as rates can change between companies.

Are there any add-ons?

This again depends.  The perks for each insurer is different, so something included with one may be excluded with another.  It also depends on what you are offered by your insurer or broker.  Normally, breakdown cover, key cover, replacement vehicle, windscreen cover and excess protection are covered additionally.  Though some are included within the total price of your insurance.  It may be worth checking your policy wording if you want to find out what you do and do not have available to you.

Can I drive other cars with comprehensive cover?

This can vary from insurer to insurer.  Some may allow you to drive other cars with this policy. However it is worth remembering that the cover will be at the level of third party only.  However, this is not guaranteed.  A lot of insurers won’t allow you to drive other cars with a comprehensive policy.  So again, it may be wise to check out your policy wording.

What other levels of cover are there?

As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, there are two other levels of cover available.  These are for the third party only rate, which will cover third party damages, and third party, fire and theft.  This includes all of what is mentioned above, plus covers you for damage in the event of fire or theft.

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