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Luxury, prestige and performance. Owning a car of high value is more than a status symbol. In a lot of ways, it’s a reflection of the hard work and dedication you’ve placed in your craft. High net worth car insurance is the only policy you should consider if you have valuable cars.

Vehicles that lean towards affluence and their market value stretch from five to seven figures, need to be protected properly. It’s time you reconsidered getting an ‘off the shelf’ car insurance quote and switched to a policy designed for your needs.

What is high net worth car insurance?

Similar to any other car insurance policy. High net worth car insurance is designed to protect your vehicles. But the caveat is this policy is made for people with a range of high-value cars.

Additionally, like any other policy, the levels of cover are the same. If you’re looking to insure multiple high net worth cars, such as classic cars and prestige cars, you can choose the level of cover you want on each vehicle. And you won’t even have to worry about renewal dates because we can create a multi-vehicle policy just for your high net worth cars. As a result, you’ll have less paperwork to fill out and you’ll save money and time.

With our industry-leading technology, we can search the market to get you the best multi car prices. 

Finding the right policy

Finding the right policy for high net worth car insurance is difficult because it’s such a niche policy. Additionally, comparison sites don’t have the same cost-effective impact on this policy as they do on others.

So this leaves you looking around the market to specialist brokers. We always urge our customers to look around the market first before making a decision. We strongly urge you to do the same.

As a leading specialist broker, our insurance panel pulls quotes from all the top insurance providers in the UK. Instead of going to 4 or 5 brokers, we can pull the quotes you’d get from them on our system. Saving you all the hassle.

Speak to our team and they’ll design your quote quickly 0333 222 4005.

How can you keep the premium’s low?

Due to their affluent nature, a lot of high-value cars tend to have high premiums. This is largely due to them being grouped higher in the car insurance groups. Ranging from 0-50, the car insurance groups help insurers assign cars. The ranges are used to indicate risk.

Despite being towards the more expensive groups, there are still ways you can save money on your premiums. Here are 5 ways you can take, that will save you money on your premium.

  • Pay annually:

    Paying annually instead of monthly removes the interest added from lenders. However, we recognise that paying annually is a big ask, so don’t worry if you can’t.

  • Avoid modifications:

    Avoiding modifications on your high-value cars will get you cheaper premiums. Modifications may either be how the car looks or how the car runs. We recommend you stay away from them if you want to lower your quotes.

  • Tighten up your car’s security:

    Adding extra security measurements such as tracking or immobilisers, let’s insurers know that your vehicle is unlikely to be stolen.

  • Travel fewer miles:

    Lowering your mileage will get you cheaper quotes because you’re on the road less. Insurance providers will see this as a good indication that you’d be a low-risk driver. However, do not underestimate your mileage because it could invalidate your policy.

  • Improve your NCB:

    Improving your NCB is one of the best ways to lower your premiums. Having multiple years built on your NCB shows insurance providers you’re not a risk on the road. As a result, you’ll get cheaper car insurance quotes.

Why Quote Detective for your car insurance?

With a proven track record in delivering customer success stories, our team of experienced and passionate underwriters get the job done. The combination of industry-leading technology and excellent customer service is our winning formula.

Insuring luxury or sports cars requires cutting-edge technology and expertise. We’ve invested heavily in our system to ensure we can serve the needs of our customers’ diverse portfolio.

High-value car insurance is the right policy for your portfolio. Placed under our care, your vehicles can be fully protected. Allowing you to have the peace of mind you deserve.

So don’t waste anymore time, call us today 0333 222 4005.

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