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Why we believe you shouldn’t pay high insurance premiums for your modified car

Modifying your car is one way to make it unique and personal. Whether you’re adding tinted rims or upgrading the engine, it puts your identity on the car. Although modifying a car is exciting, it does raise your premiums.
Insurance providers tend to raise premiums on modified cars because of the risk attached to them. As a result, the smallest modifications can increase the price of your quotes exponentially. People who own modified cars are under-served in the motor insurance industry.
That’s why we created this specialist modified car insurance policy. It’s the bridge between you customising your vehicle and finding you affordable modified car insurance.

What is modified car insurance?

Modified car insurance works like any other car insurance policy and as such, It’ll have the same levels of cover as any motor policy( third party only, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive). However, the caveat is that it’s designed for people who enjoy customising their cars.  As well as offering a comprehensive policy for modified cars, Quote Detective are also a modified van insurance specialist.

Due to the added risk of modified vehicles, insurance providers tend to punish people who modify their vehicles by raising their premiums. Whether their performance or aesthetics enhancements. As a result, people who customise their cars are backed into a corner and forced to pay high premiums.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve helped thousands of people slash the price on their premiums and we’re confident we can help you too.  Quote Detective can provide you with cheap modified car insurance quotes by drawing from our panel of uk insurers to get you the best price possible, regardless of the querky modifications you may have added to your vehicle.

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Why is insurance so expensive for modified cars?

Premiums are higher for modified vehicles because of their added risk. Insurers calculate modified vehicles’ premiums based on statistics. The statistics have shown that modified vehicles are more likely to be targeted by thieves. Therefore, they have a greater risk of being stolen which increases the premiums.

Also, mods that affect the engine size or power of the vehicle will also contribute to the increase in price because it will be viewed as a larger risk by insurers due to the increased damage it could do in the event of an accident.

What insurance cover do I need?

It is a legal requirement to have at least third party only (TPO) insurance cover on your car if you drive in the UK. We offer three levels of cover for modified car insurance.

In a nutshell:

By law, all drivers are required to have a minimum of third party only cover. TPO only covers damages to the other driver’s car if you’re involved in an accident

This type of cover provides the same protection as TPO, plus it protects your vehicle in the event of fire damage or theft.   

Fully comprehensive provides cover to both your car and the other driver’s car if you’re involved in an accident. Plus it covers medical and legal expenses and liability insurance.  This is the most thorough and consequently the most expensive level of cover available in the UK.

Choosing which cover you want to go for is totally up to you. But bear in mind that, selecting TPO over comprehensive won’t mean your insurance quote will be cheap. It’s important to see how much you’ll be quoted on each policy, so you can properly assess which option is best for you.

Things we’ll need from you!

Our insurance panel has access to the UK’s top insurance provider, so all you’ll need to do is compare your car insurance through us. Here are four things you’ll need to have close to you when you’re trying to get cheaper car insurance quotes.

Have your personal details ready for your quote journey. This includes, your name, address, date of birth, occupation and your drivers license number.

The next step is to tell us about your car. This includes, it’s previous owners (if applicable), the model, make, year and any modifications.

What type of cover do you think you’ll need? Think carefully on how you’ll be using your car. Tell us your annual mileage and whether you’d like TPO, TPFT or comprehensive cover.

After all those steps are complete, you’ll get your quote. Now, it’s up to you, to choose which quote you want.

If you require any further assistance or you’d rather have someone talk you through your options because your quote is too high. Please reach out to our team, 0333 222 4005.

How can you reduce your premium?

Despite being behind the eight ball, there are still things you can do that will lower the price of your premiums.

  • Pay annually:

    Paying annually removes the interest added onto the monthly payment. As a result, you’ll be paying the flat fee. If you know the kinds of modifications you want or have on your car, your experience finding a quote will be easier and less painful.

    Comparison sites will be able to provide you with an analyses of the best quotes, both in the instance of annual payments and monthly installments.

  • Add telematics:

    Adding extra security measures onto your car will remove a level of risk. Remember, insurers calculate insurance quotes based on risk. If you choose to add more security to your vehicle, then you lower your risk. 

  • Lower your mileage:

    This may sound like an obvious one but the fewer miles you rack up, the less of a risk you are to insurers. But be mindful of underestimating your insurance, otherwise, you run the risk of fines to your insurance being invalidated.

  • Improve your NCB:

    Having years stocked up with no claims gives insurers a clear indication of how much of a risk you are. Be mindful on the road and build up your NCB because it could save you hundreds.

  • Shop around:

    We recommend you do your research. Shop around for as many quotes as you can get. But be mindful to consider the type of cover you want. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to assess who gives you the best deal based on price and cover.

  • Switch to us: We can save you up to £300 on your renewals!

Thinking of adding more modifications? Talk to your insurer first!

Whether they’re minor or major modifications, you need to let your insurer know first. The insurer will eventually find out if you make a claim or if your vehicle gets stolen.

Depending on the insurance provider, the modifications can be accepted and your policy will be quickly updated. Then all you’d have to do is pay a small fee on top.

Or your modifications could be denied because the insurer doesn’t cover the modification you want. This could be bad if you need to claim because you’ll have to fork out the repair cost. Additionally, they could invalidate your policy, leaving you with no cover.

To avoid the worst-case scenario, we suggest you talk with your insurer first before making any modifications to your cars. This way, you maintain trust and get the best value for your premium.

Here are some of the UK’s most common modifications you need to tell your insurers about:

  • Complete body kit.
  • Engine management system.
  • Air filter.
  • Alloy wheels.

  • Complete body kit.

  • Tinted windows.

  • Parking sensors.
  • Exhaust changes.
  • Tow Bar.
  • Sat Nav system.
  • Suspension changes.

Why Quote Detective for your modified car insurance?

As a leading UK specialist in non-standard motor insurance, we combine expertise and technology to consistently help our customers get affordable premiums. Our industry-leading technology can save you hours of searching for the right quote. Our insurance pulls premiums from the UK’s top insurance providers.

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