We try to issue your welcome documentation the same working day wherever possible, where it is not possible, we will strive to issue your welcome documents within 48 hours of you purchasing the policy.

The MID can take 3-5 working days to be updated with any new policies or changes to your existing policy. Please contact us on 03332224005 if the MID has not been updated after this time period
You can check the MID using this below link:

The quickest and easiest way to send us documents is by taking a photo using your smart phone or digital camera and sending the photo in an email to us to contact@quotedetective.com
Alternatively you can send them in the post to
Quote Detective, 3rd Floor – Cwmbran House, Mamhilad Park Estate, NP4 0HZ.
When providing supporting documents, please ensure the copies are clear and the full document is in view so we won’t have to ask for another

Our insurers will insist that your driving licence matches the address that you have told us you live at, and will cancel your policy if you do not update your licence. You also risk being fined £1000 if you do not tell the DVLA when your address changes.
You can update your licence free of charge online using the below link:
Change Address Driving Licence

We will send your insurance certificate as soon as we can from the time you purchase your policy with us. We send certificates either via email or post depending on your preference. If you need a duplicate copy of your insurance certificate please contact us: contact@quotedetective.com

Your total premium will include our fees and any additional covers you may have purchased through us, only your insurance company’s premium is displayed on the schedule.

If you hold any other type of NCD let us know and we can discuss your options.

Some of our insurers will allow the discount even if the NCD is from another country – you must tell us the details regarding your NCD within your policy quotation as this will influence the price offered by insurers.

Most of the insurers will not accept NCD that is over 2 years old since it was last used. You must tell us the details regarding your NCD when we speak to you about your policy quotation.

Insurers will insist on receiving proof of driving history showing NCD as they offer large discounts off your premium. You will need to ask your most recent previous insurance provider for your proof of no claims discount.

NCD is a discount applied to your insurance premium based on your insurance claim history. Generally for each year a policyholder is claim free, they will accrue another years’ NCD up to a maximum of 5 years with most insurers. The amount of discount varies depending on the insurer.

Premium Credit Limited is a finance company that we work with so that you can pay for your insurance policy via Direct Debit monthly instalments. We will take the initial deposit and then inform the finance company to contact you regarding the instalments. Credit is subject to status and satisfactory credit checks and we cannot guarantee the finance company will always agree to lend.

Please make cheques payable to our trading name of Quote Detective.

If you are due a refund it can take up to 30 days to process. This is due to the checks that need to be made with the insurer in relation to any claims history. We always try to refund you as quickly as possible.

Yes this can be arranged and will mean that the interest applicable to the remaining balance will be reduced. To arrange paying off your instalments please contact us on 0333 222 4005.

Before cancelling your insurance policy contact us on 0333 222 4005 so that we can tell you about all your options.

“If you have instructed us to start a policy, but choose to cancel before any cover has commenced, we will charge £25 in addition to any insurer administration charge.
If your cover has started and you decide to cancel your policy within 14 days of receiving your documentation, and provided you have not made a claim or had a claim made against you, you will be charged the following;

– A pro rata charge for the time your policy was on cover plus any insurer administration fee

– A charge for the time any optional additional products were cover*

– A cancellation charge of £50.00

*If you have used the service of any optional additional products within the cooling off period, the full charge of the additional product will apply.”

You can cancel a policy at any time. However if there is a pending or fault claim against you in the period of insurance then the insurers will not allow a refund of the premium. If you are paying by instalments, this means that any remaining payments must be completed until the policy is paid in full.

Not straight away as it can take some time for us to find out if you have cancelled your Direct Debit. We will always make contact with you to understand why you are cancelling your Direct Debit instructions, so it can take some time before the actual policy is cancelled which could mean additional time on cover. If you want to cancel your insurance policy please contact us first so that we can discuss all your options with you. If you do then decide to continue with cancelling your policy we will stop the Direct Debit as part of the cancellation process.

If you are paying by instalments, sometimes the charges imposed by your insurer and us are greater than the amount you have paid to date. This may mean that the charge is not reflective of how much time on cover you have actually used.

If you need to report a claim please contact our claims handling team on 0208 487 0642.