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What is Caravan Insurance?

If you own or are looking to own a caravan, it’s important to make sure it’s covered.  Embracing the spontaneity of staycations, we created a policy that lets you unwind and create memories. In other words, our caravan insurance policy is similar to our motor policies, yet it is tailored to fit your specific needs.

No matter the type of caravn you are trying to insure, it is important to be protected and choose the right insurance for you.

Types of cover?

Static caravan insurance works exactly how it sounds. This means that the caravan either stays in a caravan park or your own home. For example, you’re required to make sure that the caravan remains static and does not travel.

This type of cover is for towing your caravan from your car. If you have an accident on the road, the damages to your car will be covered but your caravan won’t.  If you want to protect your caravan in the case of road accidents, you will need to get a separate policy.

This covers you for a folding camper or trailer tent being pulled behind your car.  Trailer tent insurance is similar to the touring caravan insurance, however it doesn’t include mildew or vermin damage.  Nor does it cover the theft of your possessions inside it.

This policy is similar to the touring caravan insurance policy.  The way it is structured is more similar to a typical car insurance policy.  Motorhome insurance gives you the option to choose between third party only, third party, fire and theft and comprehensive cover.

Take care of your caravan

As staycations become increasingly popular in the UK, the need to take care of caravan is becoming more important.  For example, hitting the road in your caravan is one of the best ways to see what the UK has to offer. From scenic countryside to seaside views, there are no limits on your adventures.

If you are planning to leave your caravan in one location, you will want to protect your home-away-from-home properly. Most importantly, with our insurance panel we can show you the best offers from the UK’s top providers.

Why Quote Detective for your car insurance?

As a leading UK specialist in non-standard motor insurance, we understand the unique needs that caravan drivers have. That’s why we work closely with large insurance providers and specialist brokers to ensure we provide affordable caravan premiums. Whether you’re using your caravan for country and seaside adventures or if your caravan is in a static location, our insurance panel has the capabilities to create the cover you need.

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